Welcome, Town of Candor

Town Clerk

Kulze, Connie – Town Clerk
101 Owego Rd.
Candor, NY 13743
Phone: 659-3175
E-mail: candorclerk@cnymail.com
Current Term – 12-31-13

The Office of Town Clerk involves a great variety of duties and responsibilities. When you think "Town Clerk," you may think about paying your taxes or licensing your dog. Or perhaps you attend the Town Board meetings and see the Clerk sitting with the Board. However, the Clerk's duties are diverse.

The Town Clerk has custody of all the records, books, and papers of the Town and is the Filing Officer for the Town. The Town Clerk is designated by State Law as the Town Records Management Officer. As such, the Town Clerk coordinates the Town's records management program.

The Town Clerk must attend all meetings of the Town Board, act as clerk thereof, and keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting. Minutes from any meeting are available for inspection once they are accepted by the Board at the following meeting. These remain permanent records of the Town.

The Town Clerk must keep an "Ordinance Book" and enter a copy of each ordinance of the Town immediately after the adoption by the Town Board. Likewise, the Town Clerk must keep a record of all local laws filed in their office in a separate book(s) which shall be indexed.

The Clerk also must maintain a sign board at the entrance to the office for the posting of legal notices of the Town, pick up and distribute the mail, and do the daily banking and handle all FOIL requests.

The Town Clerk plays an important role in the election machinery of the Town. The Clerk is responsible for notifying the proper County and State offices of vacancies, elections, appointments and resignations with the exception of election inspectors. Further detailed information can be found in the "Office of the Town Clerk" Manual provided by the Association of Towns and available for inspection in the Town Clerk's Office. This includes dates and deadlines for the various scenerios.

From January through May it is the responsibility of the Town Clerk to collect Town and County taxes. Taxes can be paid in the first month without interest, and thereafter at one percent per month. This tax is comprised of three parts, Town, County and Fire District.

The Town Clerk issues and/or collects fees for permits, licenses and certificates. Included are Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, Building Permits, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, Burial Permits (this does not represent a total listing ). Our current Town Clerk, Connie Kulze, has also been authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in the Town of Candor. Marriage licenses, birth and death certificates go to the NYS and Tioga Co. Dept of Health and information on all are reported to the Town Supervisor.

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Caroline Roberts Town Clerk - 1/1/1990 - 12/31/2007

Caroline began working for the Town of Candor as Deputy Town Clerk for Mariette Seamon. In 1989 Caroline ran for Town Clerk when Mariette announced her retirement. She served through 12/31/2007 when she decided to retire. The Town of Candor is very grateful for the dedication that she showed to the Town.

Arbor Day

Former Town Clerk Honored

At a recent Arbor Day celebration at the Candor Town Hall a former Town Clerk was honored. Mariette Seamon served as Town Clerk from July 1 of 1974 through December 31, 1989. A tree was planted by the Master Gardeners and a plaque will be placed. In attendance were the current Town Clerk Connie Kulze and Past Town Clerk Caroline Roberts. Roy Yarrington shared about Mariette’s time in office. Also in attendance were family members, garden club members and other members from the public.

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